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About Our Radio Show

Automotive Information & News

Dallas Texas

In the heart of the automotive industry

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14001 Dallas Pkwy, ste 300; Dallas, Texas 75240

Saturday Mornings

8 am - 10 am CST | 9 am - 11 am EST

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John Ingram - Host

Chief Financial Officer - Dealership Experts

Automotive Industry Experience

John has over 30 years in the day to day operations of a franchised auto dealership.

Industry Service

John was also a 7 year tenured member as the President of the North Texas Honda Dealers Association.

Nino Parco - Co-Host

Founder & C.E.O. - Dealership Experts

Auto Industry Experience

Nino also brings over 30 years of day to day operational dealership experience.

Industry Service

As the C.E.O. of Dealership Experts and with a strong automotive technology prowess. He is a 3 time keynote speaker at N.A.D.A with Inventory Management CMS delivery systems and other deliverables in the dealer process related technology products and human resource management systems.

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